Benny Hill: The World's Favorite Clown
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Movies: Benny Hill: The World's Favorite Clown Director: David Spenser Cast: Benny Hill, Mickey Rooney, Burt Reynolds Production Co:  Genres: Documentary  Runtime:  Country:  Release Date: 1991 
Benny Hill delighted audiences with his slapstick antics for years with his BBC sketch comedy program. This documentary on Benny Hill's life, produced by the BBC and Thames Television in 1991 goes behind the scenes to understand the British clown, his popularity, and where his ideas came from. The film shows Benny as he motions through his everyday life, and was shot around England and France. It is an honest and open look at Bennys' life, a with a retrospective focus on his years spent in comedy TV. Benny is filmed and interviewed in his everyday life. Interspersed with interviews from a wide collection of his cast, crew, friends and some of his many admirers Michael Caine, Burt Reynolds, Bella Emberg and Walter Cronkite just to name a few. And as excpected, (wouldn't be Benny without) some of those infamous skits from the BW 50s to the colourful 80s, he'll have you laughing all the way. Benny Hill we salute you...
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